Sunday, December 4, 2011

A growing family :-)

Our family seemed complete with two mommies, two doggies, a fat kitty and an irritated turtle...but it wasn't. A super sweet 14 year old kitty showed up the day after Thanksgiving and after much digital footprint searching (Wife calls it cyber-stalking...po-tay-to/po-tah-to) we found her owner-who had not updated her microchip in 10 years-and her last known address. She lived 40 minutes away and moved to another state at the end of October. We then found her on Facebook, messaged her, her daughter and a handful of her friends. One friend responded and told us who she gave the cat to when she moved (who gives a cat away after 14 years????). We called the new owner who excitedly picked her up after 3 days of living with us. The sweet kitty had been missing for 2 weeks and after a week they assumed that since she had been sick with kidney problems that she wandered off to die in the woods. We told the new owner (who lives less than a 1/2 mile away), that she is probably out searching for her old family and should be kept inside. The new owner agreed. We called last Wednesday to check on her. No answer. No returned call. Guess who showed up late last night on our doorstep? Guess who is NOT being called. That b*itch lost this cat twice within a month! We are now fostering her until a RESPONSIBLE family can be found (or she learns to like the dogs). We thought we were complete with a house full of energetic boys, but what we really needed was a kitty with a feminine flair named Princess :-) Wife says we can't keep her permanently because she doesn't like the boys-I say she will learn to like them. She traveled back to our house...she clearly had decided where she wants to live. Are we right or wrong to keep her? If I hadn't spent 2 solid days searching online we never would have found the woman in the first place. She never reported her missing to any of the area shelters, didn't post her missing on any of the regional/local missing pet ads, didn't contact the microchip company and made no major effort to keep her safe once we returned her.


Taylor said...

Aw! This made me smile :) Not the irresponsible owner part. That makes me mad. My kitty is strictly indoors. I know all of her hiding spots so I know where to look if she comes up missing. One day I couldn't find her anywhere. She found a new hiding spot. My mom and I searched all over the house and even in the garage to see if she snuck out there when someone opened the door. I was panicking, calling her name and running around the house like a maniac. I finally found her sleepy self outside of her new hiding spot with a look on her face that said "Did you really just wake me up from my wonderful nap?"

Erin said...

I think Princess found where she feels like she belongs and will learn to love the boys!

Animals always know best after all.

LilliGirl said...

I think she chose her family. ;)