Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My best friend is right in the middle of planning her wedding (in which I am the maid of honor) and my responsibility is to be her supportive friend. We were talking (well she was talking and I was kinda-sorta-not really-listening) about the stuff she has finished compared to what she has left to do. She made the comment that they still have to do the ceremony, pick the DJ and a few other things. I asked about their vows-are they going traditional or writing their own? She non-chalantly told me that "they hadn't talked about anything in the ceremony yet and that they would get to that stuff eventually." Is it me or is that totally messed up? I get that receptions and stuff take time to plan, but shouldn't your ceremony be the top priority? It's the most important part yet it tends to fall to the bottom of the list of important details. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive about this (feel free to tell me that below-I can handle it) but an actual "wedding" itself is really inexpensive. It's all the crap that people buy into as "requirements" that's insanely expensive and completely unnecessary. That is all for today, I just had to ramble on about this once again. Girlfriend has already heard my very loud version of this rant and would rather not hear it again, so for the sake of our relationship I brought my judgement here :-)

P.S. In case you didn't figure out the title-it's out of order. Like wedding priorities.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Another student quote that you just can't make up....

Location-Car circle
People-kindergarden boy and me

Me: Where's your sister today?
Kindergartner: She's at home. She still has her ear infucktion.
Me: I'm sorry, what?
Kindergartner: An ear infucktion. It makes her ear hurts real bad.
Me: (trying to control laughter) Oh no! Well tell her I hope she feels better soon!

Now you KNOW that kid has said "ear infucktion" several times today. You better believe I repeated the story to any and every staff member that would listen. :-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun Childhood Fact

Girlfriend and I went to church with her mom for Easter Sunday and when the little kids went up for the "children's talk".

Me: Aww, I use to love wearing little ruffle socks! I'm glad they're still in fashion.
Girlfriend: Was that before your lengthy suspender phase?
(Yes, I wore suspenders as part of my "dressy" clothes for many years. Don't judge me, I was awesome.)
Me: Before and during. Dress shirt, suspenders, ruffle socks and loafers. Standard church outfit for MANY years. Eventually the ruffle socks changed into black or brown dress socks and I insisted on my shirts being pressed with creases just like Dad. You know, for a grown up look and all.
Girlfriend: (trying to contain her laugher-we were in church and all.) Yup. Completely understand why your parents were not surprised at all when you came out.
Me: Hey, they let me dress myself. I was just expressing my awesomeness.

At lunch Girlfriend very excitedly shared this bit of information with her mom. She knew about my suspender phase, but not the rest of the ensemble. Not cool. Not cool at all. THANKFULLY Girlfriend's mom loved it and asked about my hair. For the record-pigtails when I really little with fancy ribbon barrettes, then MASSIVE headbands (whatever it was the style) and finally down or half up/half down.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Flying by, exhausted am I

Spring break flew by and I'm not sure why it felt so fast-it's not like I did anything. I specifically chose to do NOTHING this year in hopes that it would feel like the week was longer than it actually was. Not so much. Today after going to work I'm exhausted and unfortunately the yard is out of control (I told you I did nothing all week) and must be taken care of tonight. Alas, this is the price I pay for sleeping in all week and playing with dogs instead of being a "responsible adult." In other news Girlfriend and I made homemade frozen dog treats this past weekend...I somehow became gayer in that statement along, whatever B and Q freaking loved these things!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break fun

Today was the first official day of spring break and I began the fun filled week by mowing the lawn and taking B to the vet for his annual shots. Mowing the lawn-not fun. Taking this picture of B after he "explored" the yard-very fun.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

They called it mean; I called it funny

I played an April Fool's joke on my kids today. They LOVE word searches and today I gave them one to work on that was all about animals. The room was stone silent for over 15 minutes with an occasional huff or puff because they were having great difficulty finding words. After about twenty-five minutes I told them to clean off their desks and line up for PE. As they lined up they were complaining, "It's way too hard Miss _____!" and "I can't find ANY words!" and "Please give us a hint!" to which I responded, "You've had a lot of trouble with it? The words are right there at the bottom. Oh yeah, that reminds me-April Fools." Moans and groans ensued. I giggled.

They called it mean; I called it funny.