Thursday, April 1, 2010

They called it mean; I called it funny

I played an April Fool's joke on my kids today. They LOVE word searches and today I gave them one to work on that was all about animals. The room was stone silent for over 15 minutes with an occasional huff or puff because they were having great difficulty finding words. After about twenty-five minutes I told them to clean off their desks and line up for PE. As they lined up they were complaining, "It's way too hard Miss _____!" and "I can't find ANY words!" and "Please give us a hint!" to which I responded, "You've had a lot of trouble with it? The words are right there at the bottom. Oh yeah, that reminds me-April Fools." Moans and groans ensued. I giggled.

They called it mean; I called it funny.


Taylor said...

Cute! I love April Fool's Day!

Anonymous said...

heehee :-)