Friday, October 16, 2009

Phrase of the year

My assistant principal (AP) at work often says random shit that no one really understands, and frankly doesn't really care to understand. To be honest he is a little bit of an oafish man who bumbles around looking like a lost overgrown kindergartner who can't find their classroom and is scared to ask for help and so resorts to walking around aimlessly. He has the best of intentions but is also a man who is just DYING to have someone listen to him talk, so if you ask him a question be prepared for a 20 minute speech where he answers it, states your question a different way, and re-answers it (sometimes with something different which contradicts his first response), needless to say he's um, interesting. One thing that he says often and has caught on with the staff is, "I'm calling shenanigans!" When he first said it, his intention was to state, "I don't believe you!" but our staff has taken his phrase and given it a life (and meaning) of its own. Which in a job/world surrounded by children translates to, "This is bullsh*t!" or "You are full of bullsh*t right now!"
Here is a perfect example of its usage: In my evaluation (already, smooth move right?) I say to my AP-And another thing, I'd like to talk about those markers they provide. They die after about week, leave black marks all over and stink. It's total shenanigans! Thankfully he laughed, agreed and gave me an even better report for being "passionate."
We use it often, we use it about each other and parents and best of all today in class I heard one of my little darlings say to the other, "I'm calling shenanigans on you!" I had to take some very deep breaths to stop myself from shooting coffee clear out my nose. The best part about this phrase (well second to hearing the children use it correctly) is being able to vent frustrations about stuff around the kids. You'd loose your job if you say, "This is bullsh*t!" with kids around, but if you say, "I'm calling shenanigans!" the children give you an supportive nod.
Tonight I had to turn the heat on at my house and I'm calling shenanigans. What are you calling shenanigans on in your world?


Kel said...

Oh I totally call shenanigans over having to turn the heat on, raking leaves, plastic over the windows after securing the storm windows, and putting away summer clothes in exchange for winter clothes!

I love fall... I am NOT so fond of what comes after it... and stays... till April... and sometimes May... *sigh* Oh Shenanigans!

LilliGirl said...

I love that phrase...He must watch Southpark just like me. LOL

Vikki said...

Maybe it's an assistant principal thing. The AP at my kids' school talks forever. I avoid him for that very reason. Also, it doesn't matter if he's already told my partner about whatever thing he needed to clarify...he will then tell me when he sees me. I usually do a preemptive, "I know you talked to Luisa already..." It doesn't work.