Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pride Quotes and Stories

Quotes from Girlfriend for your reading pleasure. Welcome to my world people, it's awesome..

In Pride Color Order...because that seems appropriate:

Red-When I told her what time we had to be there, "11 AM, that's too early for the gays"
Orange-While riding in the car in total silcence "This one time, on Golden Girls..."
Yellow-When getting back into the car after taking a potty break "It's too hot for a baby."
Green-While sitting on a bench at pride people watching "Wow. Someone lucked out in that relationship."
Blue-After walking around in 90+ degree heat "Would it be inappropriate to use a tampon to dry off my face. They're super plus."
Purple-As we were walking past a barricade that ended the pride area "NO! We're going out of the safe zone. Turn around!"

Do you ever have a moment when you hear yourself talking, and you know you need to shut up, and while your brain is telling you SHUT UP, your mouth decides otherwise? SHOCKER that that happened to me. My friend S had looked online and saw that it started at 11, which to us meant that the parade was at 11. Well we get there and there is no parade (we will come back to this in a moment) and S is running almost 2 hours late. When Girlfriend asked where she was since it was all her idea, I responded with, "S runs on her own time. She makes you look like you get to places early." I KNOW. I KNOW. As I was talking I could hear myself in my head saying, SHUT UP but I also thought it was funny. It didn't deliver funny. It delivered in a jackassery way that required some backpedaling to get myself out of trouble. The best part was that there were two police officers nearby and when we walked by one of them chuckled and said to me, "Nice save." That was awsome :-)
Now back to the no parade thing. WTF. What the hell is pride without a parade? I mean, we do a parade really well. As girlfriend pointed out, we even have a marching band just for this kind of occasion. Everything about a parade is gay-from the glitter, to the streamers, to the choreographed dancing in the streets...I was highly disappointed. We will be attending the Durham Pride this September where there IS a parade, and it's awesome.
Have a great rest of your weekend, I've gotta get going because Girlfriend doesn't know I blog and here she comes!


two cat scene said...

Orange is my fav!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Two Cat Scene-Mine too...and that's not the first time she has started a story that way :-)

lesbo said...

haha I love your list of quotes!

Carolyn said...


Love her wit.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Lesbo-Thanks, there were many more to choose from!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Carolyn-me too :-)