Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Discovery on the interstate

After driving 10+ hours in constant traffic I feel an expert in deciding what kind of driver you are based on your vehicle. Here is a chart for your viewing pleasure. Thoughts? Comments? Opinions? You know where to leave them!


Carolyn said...

You and your graphs haha. I think they are pretty accurate. Except, unless this is completely California isolated, but lately I see Prius' EVERYWHERE. I just got a hybrid myself, (not a prius) I think Prius drivers are like a mixed hybrid species of eco-concerned drivers and crazy commuters that do horrible traffic maneveurs and drive it for the mileage. Unwise are the latter since I heard those cars are easily totaled.

Forgive me if that barely made any sense. My mind feels foggy today haha

The Surprise Dyke said...

Carolyn-I cracked up when I read your post! Girlfriend drives a Civic Hybrid and she is the ANTI-Prius person who says almost exactly the same things you did!!! Oh, add to it that it's not a cute car. That was a vital argument of why her hybrid is better than the Prius.