Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dinner Dilemma

Tonight is my friend ComicChick's thirtieth birthday!!! A bunch of us are going to dinner and celebrating, cuz that's just how we roll. Here's a run-down of the people that are going ComicChick (duh), ComicChick's girl-of-the-week, her roommate, her roommate's girlfriend, our friends N&R, Me (duh), maybe Girlfriend, and possibly ComicChick's ex-girlfriend. We run the gamut of presenting from stone butch to high is what it is. What it always is, is very, very gay. I love it, but sometimes I forget about how it must look from the outside in a restaurant. We are who we are and we make no apologies. We also run the gamut in terms of how vocal our personalities are. Most of the time we don't have problems because we go to the same gay-friendly places, but there have been places where we have been stared and pointed at, not brought re-fills on our drinks, and other little gestures to let us know that we were not exactly welcome patrons.
While I recognize it's not right, I also know there is nothing I can do to change people. Getting angry, loud, causing a scene or being a stereotype of what they expect gets us nowhere. What does help is smiling, being polite and courteous. You can call me naive, whatever. I don't care. Hate and anger just breed more hate and anger. I'd rather take the high road and while I might not change that particular person, maybe it will influence someone who is observing that maybe, just maybe, we are good people-just like them.


Propane Amy said...

Kill'em with kindness.

lesbo said...

I respond to that situation just like you do. Bit then I get mad and bitch about it later. It's just frustrating that people can act like that when I'm not even doing anything "super gay". I'm not making out with my gf and flaunting it in their face. Just enjoying a good time with my gays.
Aw well. Someday we shall see a change. Until then, kill them with kindness.