Sunday, May 31, 2009

Battle Wounds

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, Girlfriend and I played paintball with her co-workers, then went to watch our minor league baseball team play, then headed directly over to watch our friends perform in a drag king show. I slept in this morning and recovered from my first time playing paintball. Guess who is bad at paintball? Answer: Girlfriend. Guess who is a bad-ass at paintball? Answer: Me.
I really really really wanted some bad-ass battle wounds to show my children on Monday because when they found out I was going to play one kid said, "Are you sure?" and another told me I was going to quote "cry like a little girl when I get hit." When readers I will have you know that not only did I not cry like a little girl, I only got hit twice and neither left battle wounds. Girlfriend however has several welts on her body and I'm totally jealous.
The only down part of the day was when she introduced me. Inadvertently she said, "This is my friend ______." Later she apologized profusely, and said she just meant to introduce me with my name, no titles attached. Introducing me by my name only is no big deal. I don't need her to state that I'm her girlfriend, especially around some of her co-workers who don't know. The "friend" statement stung a little (just for a second...much like a paintball) but the apology sex later that night/morning more than made up for it. So, in conclusion I had a great Saturday and am spending the rest of my Sunday letting my muscles recover. While I don't have any battle wounds to show off, I do have sore muscles that I didn't know existed.


Jude said...

paintball! now that's one thing i've never done and would love to give it a try....not sure if i'd want to go up against you though.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Jude-totally go for it...but wear layers because that sh*t hurts!

Carolyn said...

I <3 paintball! First time I played my teammate shot me in the back 10 seconds into the game haha. I'd like to play against you ;) see who has the better paintbal skills.

Rebecca said...

In honor of your non showing battle wounds, you have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger award, LOL.
The first rule is to write 7 things that make you happy. The second is to nominate seven of your favorite blogs for this award.
You may download the graphic from our site if you wish.
You deserve this! Congrats!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Carolyn-my money is on you!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Rebecca-YAY my first award!!! Thanks :-)