Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To E or not to E...that is the question

The school where I work has a marquis outside like most schools do.  We post the same message on both sides so parents can see the same information regardless of how they drive to school.

Here was our sign...
If you saw the difference you are better than ALL of the employees at our school.  For almost a week, YES A WEEK this has been on our marquis.  Not only did no staff members catch it (until today) but no parents called either.  

This brings up several questions that need to be answered:
1) Does anyone actually read at the marquis?
2) What the hell were the parents thinking when they read Friday is Hate Day?
3) Who the f*ck works at out school and doesn't know to spell the same thing twice???  They are f*cking CVC and CVCe words...not difficult people, not difficult.
4) Does someone at our school have a sick sense of humor?  If so, who are they and why am I not friends with them?

It's not funny.  Really it's not.  It's hilarious.  I could not stop laughing inappropriately all day today...come elementary school with a major error on the sign and NO ONE noticed. Not one of the 75+ staff members, not one parent of our 600+ students, not one person who came to visit...yup, still funny.  When a co-worker noticed it today here was her message to the office (equally funny as I heard her on the intercom next door.)

Coworker-Hi, this is Miss ______....I was wondering about the sign outside.
Office-Um ok.  What about it?
Co-worker: Did you know it says Friday is hate day?
Office: Yes, Friday is hat day.
Co-worker: Right, but the left side says Friday is HATE day, not HAT day.  Is that an error or did I miss a memo?
Office: (silence) We will get back to you.

[Seriously, they had to get back to her...f*cking hilarious/scary.]

Office: (laughing) Oops.  No, it's not hate day, just hat day.  But you can hate us for letting them wear hats all day.  We're changing it right now.
Co-worker: Alright, thanks!


Sabrae Carter said...

How does someone mess that up???? LOL I caught that right away!!

Dar said...

LOL I can't imagine how that managed to go unnoticed for a whole week! You think some kid would have asked, Mom, what's hate week mean?

Carolyn said...

haha. Just goes to show you people either a) can't read, or b) don't pay attention to the signs. Then again if you're just glancing over, most people skim too quickly to notice anything if they already think they know what it reads

Val said...

Hmmm... that's unbelievable.
But it makes me wonder why my daughter's elementary school doesn't have a marquee!! ;)

sheA said...

ooooo- I hat when that happens....BooooOOoo- foul sheA humor

The Surprise Dyke said...

Sabrae-That's what I'm saying, either misspell it on both sides or spell it do you forget from walking on one side to the other?

The Surprise Dyke said...

Dar-you would think so!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Carolyn-I'm guilty of not looking at it, but you can bet I do now :-)

The Surprise Dyke said...

Val-I don't think you are missing much considering the great attention we give ours

The Surprise Dyke said...

Shea-haha, I'm glad you are back and adding comments again-they always make me smile :-)