Saturday, January 17, 2009

What the hell?

So the sink broke overnight.  (I tried to think of a good opening statement/intro but couldn't so we are starting this blog essentially mid conversation.)  Everything else that has a pipe connected worked-every toilet, shower, sink, washer/dryer, etc. except for 1 sink upstairs.  I got on the computer and tried to trouble shoot what the hell happened from yesterday to today.  

Here's what happened for about 45 minutes:

Step 1: Google something online
Step 2: Talk to myself
Step 3: Dig in toolbox
Step 4: Schlep up the stairs
Step 5: Fiddle with said idea from online
Step 6: Schlep down the stairs
Step 7: Look at roommate and say "Nope."

Repeat steps at least 7 times.

After about 45 minutes she finally cracked.  I looked over at her and she is just shaking on the couch trying not to laugh-cuz I'm SOOOO not in the mood.  Here is the conversation that followed.

Me: What?
Roommate: (laughing) Nothing.
Me: Seriously, what?
Roommate: (still laughing)  Nothing.  It''s just...your gayness is showing.  Just call someone and get it over with.
Me: (looking down at my shirt and laughing) gayness is showing.  And hell no I'm not calling someone.  I will figure this out.

Another 2 hours later the sink is working and no, I didn't call anyone.  Unfortunately as my mother pointed out-my day was shot to shit because I'm stubborn.  Whatever.  I fixed the damn sink.

Homo-1 Sink-0


Carolyn said...

^5 to your gayness.

Awesome story. And for some reason the only words that come to mind are you go girl!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Carolyn-Thanks, I ^5 you back! I was feeling like Super Dyke when it was all said and done.

sheA said...

Hey - I like that look- now you need a theme song!!!! You go ya big HOMo!!!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Shea-Sweet! You write it, I'll rock it :-)

sheA said...

Jersay----- I took your challenge- and I came up with a THEME SONG- sung to the melody of 'The Flintstones'----I took song writers liberty and made your kitchen blue, because it fit into the lyrics.....*ahem*

SUPER DYKE THEME SONG...sung in the key of F ----

eeeeee YaBaDaBa Doooooooo-
MEet the SuperDyke
She's a modern techno Big HoMoooo
From the
State of JErseyy-
She's in love with her cool pupEEEE

LEt's go with her to the Blue KitCHEN

Where she'll cook stuff for her friends

When YOU'RE With TSD-
have an amazingly fun time-
a crazy you time-
you'll have a GAY ol' TIME!!!!!

I wrote it- now you rock IT!!!!

Propane Amy said...

LMAO!!! That was me about 3 months ago. But I did call someone.... my dad!! After taking pictures on my phone of everything I took apart and sending them to him, he told me the tools I needed to buy and I went to work. It took a couple hours and most of the day, BUT I did it!! Plus it got me out of doing dishes for awhile! HELL YEA I'M A HOMO!!!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Shea-Holy Awesomeness!!! I HEART the for me to rock'll be a Gay ol' Time!!!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Propane Amy-Rock on with your homo self! It is equally awesome to fix it from pictures-and yay for having a helpful dad-mine told me to call a plumber...

raych said...

I few months ago, I showed my gayness when I changed the headlight to my car all by my self. Well, I did have the laptop nearby. Repairs aren't cheap!

I blame the economy.

The Surprise Dyke said...

Raych-sorry it took me so long to reply-Yay for the economy making us self-sufficient!