Friday, January 30, 2009

Warm Fuzzies

I just want to say thank you to everyone who left me such amazingly sweet, sincere, and uplifting messages during my freak out session over Bible Chick bailing.  It gave my heart warm fuzzies (thus the picture) and I felt I needed to come out of my hiding corner and say thanks.

In other news, my favorite holiday (Groundhog Day) is just around the corner and I have done something ONLY I would do in our school.  I have convinced my students that the holiday is A-mazing (which it is) and they are stoked for it to get here.  I mean, they are wanting to wear costumes, make cards, see if we can watch anything on a live-streaming video, etc.  Not only am I doing my best to impart positive attitudes towards all people on the next generation who will make/break laws, I'm also single-handedly trying to revive the best American holiday.  I'll let you know how it goes, but in the meantime...who is hoping for a shadow and who isn't?  Just wondering because the class is split right down the middle.  

I leave you with a story from today created by D (A little boy who I have a love/hate/love relationship with-he loves to interrupt me and I hate it, but I love what he has to say):

Me: So, yeah.  That's Groundhog Day.  Thoughts, opinions, feelings?
D: (emphatically) I hate the groundhog.
Me: (over-dramatically shocked) I'm sorry what?  What was that exactly?  Did you just say you HATE the groundhog?
D: Yes.  I'm tired of winter.  So if he sees his shadow, we are going to have some issues.
Me: What if he doesn't see his shadow and spring is coming?
D: Then I will love him.  I might even make him a song.
Me: Oh, I see.  You have conditional love for the groundhog.  I see the game you're playing.
D: I mean, I like winter, but I'm tired of being cold.  I want to play outside.  I know it's not his fault and I shouldn't blame him, but, but.  (Sigh) My relationship with the groundhog is..........complicated.

Yes people, he went there.


Sabrae Carter said...

lol!!! Ive never heard of anyone loving ground hog day!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Sabrae-we are a small but faithful group

sheA said...

I'm a total non shadow kinda dyke- but I go with whatever- and I was gonna have this great post for you on your favorite holiday--- but dang old laptop issues kept me from that- wait til next year!!