Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Updates and apologies

WOW. My last post was in December. How did that happen??? Oh yeah...f*cking MS. That's how it happened. It started with some balance issues, then the headaches, using a cane, and then the ever so fun vision problems. My doctor put me in the MRI and still no lesions, but permanent vision damage in my right eye from the optic neuritis. I guess I should be more grateful...I've had optic neuritis twice in my right eye and once in my left...two times I got away with no permanent damage...third time was not the charm. I took some time off work to get better and pretty much kept to myself. I had trouble reading, seeing and focusing. My right eye is still messed up and I'll be going to get a new prescription soon but I'm getting more comfortable with my eye and it's not feeling quite so strange. We went on the MS walk and it was confirmed that I have the best wife ever. I know you think your spouse is the best, but seriously...she's the best. What else has been going on.....oh yeah! Our school is getting ready for the dreaded EOG testing and our whole county takes "practice tests" to help gauge where the students are. My scores weren't where I wanted them to be...but they were WAY above the county average-that's right, I'm awesome. I'm a terrible blogger, but an awesome teacher. I'm so awesome in fact, that a co-worker was out for a week and I taught both of our classes. That's right. BOTH CLASSES. She had a sub, but I did the "whole group" part of the lessons in my room with all the kids and then sent them back for their independent work. I volunteered, no one made me, but I knew with testing looming over us my co-worker would crap her pants realizing how far behind her students would be with her out for a week doing busy sub work. Hopefully now that I'm feeling better I'll be back to blogging regularly. I do want to say thank you to those of you who sent me e-mails wondering if I was ok/fell off the face of the earth :-)


Taylor said...

Glad to know you are okay!
MS runs in my family on my dad's side. Luckily, I haven't been showing any symptoms. I'm also doing a presentation on MS in my Immunology class in a couple of weeks.

LilliGirl said...

Am so glad your ok. SO sorry about your eye but am glad you are adjusting. Illness always sucks but hang in there chickie. ((HUGS))

Erin said...

So glad to hear from you! You're an amazing teacher! I hope my (future) kids are as lucky as yours to have such a caring teacher.

I'm glad you're OK. Every time we cover MS, it makes me think of you.