Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I've been up to-picture style

I've been trying a lot of new recipes including:
A new gluten free pizza crust (it got two thumbs up and a food wiggle)
Eggless salad sandwich (it got one thumb up)
Cornmeal casserole (two thumbs up and a food dance)
Teriyaki tempeh and veggies (one thumb up)

I also took the kitchen from this:
To this!
Girlfriend and I are heading to the beach for a week right before my best friend (former roommate) gets married. Here's hoping that I don't get sunburned!


tribegirl said...

The kitchen looks fab! How much do you charge per hour? LOL...seriously though, nice work.

Carolyn said...

Love it! Mmm that pizza does look delicious. I loved the ratings too haha.

P.s. cute kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I love how pictures say so much when time and words are few!
Have fun at the beach!