Friday, July 30, 2010

Helping Hand Please

Sorry I haven't been posting but I was knee deep in wedding stuff for my best friend. Currently I am like this:
I really and truly didn't know how much crap, I mean stuff, goes into planning a wedding. My house is filled with people, I finally finished my speech (damn good thing since the wedding is tomorrow!) and everything is ready. People please remind me of how much I don't like any of this if I ever say I want a wedding...
Anyway, I will be back to posting more regularly soon and am heading home for a week (always a story rich environment) before work begins (you KNOW those kids will say/do something bizarre) :-)
OH! OH! OH! before I forget-remember that co-worker who I had it out with? You know the bully? She took an assistant principal job at another school!!! Happy day for me, sad day for them.

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