Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sick Kitty :-(

Last night we had to rush Girlfriend's kitty L to the emergency vet. He was throwing up for about 3 hours and just wasn't acting like his usual self. The last time he threw up it was all pink and orange which prompted us to thrown on jackets, put him in the carrier and race to the vet. L normally puts up a HUGE fight and hides when we even THINK about getting the carrier out. Last night he just stayed still, let us pick him up and he walked into the carrier...something was definitely wrong. The vet did an exam and took x-rays while we waited anxiously. The x-rays came back fine and the vet thinks he probably ate something that didn't sit well and the pink/orange color was probably from him vomiting so much that he irritated his stomach. I was supposed to have Sears come and re-balance my washer/dryer today but I called them and they are now coming next week. Today I am sitting at Girlfriend's place monitoring L and making sure he doesn't get sick again. Apparently everyone is getting in on the sleepy act today from all the excitement last night:I'd like to end this downer of a post on two funny stories. The first comes from when we were waiting at the vet for x-ray results:

Me: (looking down at our shirts) Oh man.
Me: Look at us, we're all matchy-matchy. I hate when we're all matchy-matchy. It's really gay.
(I was wearing a solid green shirt, Girlfriend was wearing a green striped sweater and both of us were in similar shaded jeans)
Girlfriend: That's really gay? How about the fact that we are sitting in a vet's exam room late at night with a sick cat. THAT'S really gay.
Me: (laughing) True but the clothes are not helping.

Texts back and forth when Girlfriend was at work. L had thrown up all over the bed and I wanted to check that the sheets on top of the dryer were clean before I put them and washed the dark gray sheets that he threw up all over.

Girlfriend: Yes. Re-read the text you just sent me...
previous text [Are the light gay sheets on the dryer clean? L just got sick.]
Me: Hahahaha, well at least you knew what I meant!
Girlfriend: You of all people should know there is nothing light about my gay.


crystal said...

I like that you shared your conversations with us, it sounds like you 2 make eachother laugh, I love that! I do relief work in an emergency vet clinic, usually overnights. I can picture you 2 anxiously waiting in the exam room in your matching gear because there is definitely an unproportionate amount of lesbian pet parents who rush in during overnight shifts....apparently we really love our pets!!
I sure hope the cat is doing better, sounds like you made the right choice. Good luck on his (her?) recovery!

The Surprise Dyke said...

Crystal- He's doing much better today, just sleepy from the medicine we're giving him. Girlfriend reminded me in the car after paying the ENORMOUS bill, "There is no scrimping when it comes to the animals."

LilliGirl said...

very funny. Hope kitty i better!

The Surprise Dyke said...

LilliGirl-Kitty is all better and was even "helping" Girlfriend wrap presents today :-)