Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quick Question Y'all

Ok, I thought I was done posting until after Christmas, but seriously, this cannot wait.  It's topical, time limited and consuming all the empty space in my brain I need to think about more pertinent things.  Now I have heard about these in way too much recently in Christmas songs, seen them at nearly every street vendor, and smelled them blocks away.  However in all of my 25 years of life I have never gotten up the courage up to try them.  What is it you wonder?  What could I  hear about at Christmas time, see everywhere and smell around the block but refuse to try?  
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.  Let's be real people, they f*cking stink.  They just do.  I feel like they are seriously pimped out in Christmas songs and by street vendors but I have never actually seen someone eat them.  

All of this brings me to four questions in numeric order:
1) Have you ever tried them?  
2) What do they taste like?  DO NOT SAY ROASTED CHESTNUTS!
3) Do they sell them by you or is this a distinctly northern thing?
4) Which state do you live in?

I'm seriously curious about this strange and smelly tradition.  So, now that you have read this leave me a comment below (anonymous if you so desire) answering the aforementioned four questions.  Even if you have never posted before, or wound up here by some convoluted blogger chain of links from other people's pages, please respond because I have been thinking about this WAY WAY WAY too much and need some outsider help!  

Gracias mis personas y Feliz Navidad!


sheA said...

Alphabetically Speaking-

A- Yes I have

B- A wet sock soaked in vinegar and set out in the sun for a few days- with a dash of crap. In all seriousness, sort of like a sour peanut- like one that you accidently eat, and its rotten- that sour sick kinda taste- maybe we didn't roast them correctly

C- They do sell them here in the Midwest, like the little specialty shops, not like in the easy to find places, but in the hole in the wall 'Tiny Tim' version of Christmas past.

D-I live in the state of confusion...Bahahahahahaaaa- Boooo- I couldn't resist that one....I live in the state of Wisconsin generally- Milwaukee more specifically.

Eres bienvenido a Mi Amiga-y Feliz Cumpleaños de Jesús

Sabrae Carter said...

Never have tried them... Only heard about them in the songs.. Never even seen one in real life! lol But I like sheA's comment.. she said they taste like a wet sock soaked in vinegar and set out in teh sun for a few days! lol

The Surprise Dyke said...

Shea, roman numerically responding:

I-brave woman
II-amazing description, exactly what I was expecting them to taste like
III-good to know

The Surprise Dyke said...

Sabrae-thanks for answering...I agree with Shea too!

Carolyn said...

1) Yes, when I was a wee child, my parents love them
2) I don't really recall except that I made a face equivalent to eating something chalky and nasty
3) they sell them in already roasted bags in Asian markets haha
4) California.

sorry I wasn't much help haha

The Surprise Dyke said...

Carolyn-thanks for your answers, and they were helpful!