Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gay Ass T-shirts

Our gay ass t-shirts arrived today! Girlfriend had them made for us to wear at our After Dinner After Party when we get married in 74 days (but who's counting) a.k.a. "Drinks and Drag" at a fabulous club. I told Girlfriend we needed some glitter; she told me that that could be arranged...now I'm scared. I don't actually like glitter, I just feel given our attire and location that glitter should be required.
Yes, they already have dog fur on them. I put black shirts on a bed where B-man was sleeping. It's a hazard of being a crazy-pet owner.

In other unrelated news, I meant to bring home some highly interesting reading to share with you all. In lieu of Presidents' Day yesterday I had my students write about what they would do if they were president-stay tuned tomorrow to read some entertaining excerpts from their essays!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sh*t just got real (x2)

There was never a "Sh*t just got real 1, but I have two things to briefly share:

1) Girlfriend and I are getting married in 85 days. For realz (yes, I just typed the word "realz") My dress came it, I picked it up and it only needs minor alterations which is fabulous because I have been having nightmares that it would't fit!!! We set up our donation registry and can send out our official invitations now that we have the menu finalized. Everything else is completely taken care of and set for May, which feels strange. Seriously, 85 days??? Sh*t just got real.
2) As you have read already in a previous post, I am part of an organization of LGBT teachers in North Carolina and we have been working on ways to help out in schools, trainings, etc. as well as support one another in our unique situation. The group has been around for almost 2 years but I only found out about them about 6 months ago when I read an article online. CNN is coming to our meeting on Friday as part of a special they are doing on LGBT educators because they want to feature our group! My principal knows I'm out and active with the organization but I think I should give her a head's up anyway...sh*t just got real.

Here is an unrelated anecdote from class today:

One little boy was acting ridiculous, I mean ri-dic-u-lous all day (including but not limited to jumping around the classroom and acting like he was eating poop when he ate chocolate pudding at lunch) by the afternoon I had had enough. He was practicing his flash cards and every time he got one right he said, "How do you like them apples!" I didn't think I could handle the last 45 minutes of the day without loosing my cool, so for both of our sakes I sent him up to the office where he took his 3 minute multiplication test-which he failed. I was furious because he wrote stupid answers for problems he KNEW the answers to, and even said the right answers out loud! My assistant principal jokingly told me I should have put a huge F on the top of his paper and ask him how he liked those apples. Hilarious suggestion that I will have to remember for next time!

(Big news requires big graphics)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Alliteration: nine-year-old style

Our students are working on figurative language and today's task was to write the best and longest alliteration possible, one child tried hard very very hard but failed terribly terribly failed. Here it is for your reading (and cringing) pleasure:

James cooked pizza and some wings so he needs some butter butter bitter bitter butter.

Not exactly sure what "butter butter bitter bitter butter" is, but I certainly don't want "James" cooking for me any time soon....