Sunday, August 14, 2011


I have had a wonderful week visiting B-man, but alas all good things must come to an end. He will stay here with Gam'ma and Gam'pa while I return to North Carolina. I have had a wonderful visit with lots of snuggling, doggie kisses and playtime. I intended to go back "home" today but the forecast has thunderstorms the entire 8 1/2 hour drive so I have decided to wait until tomorrow where it should only be scattered rain for a few places. Hopefully this was a wise decision. My plan was to go back today and work in my classroom Monday, doctor's checkup Tuesday, classroom Wednesday and we officially start Thursday. Now I will only have Wednesday. Fingers crossed I did not just put myself behind the eight ball...
We are hoping to hear positive news this week on the house we are trying to buy, but realistically it's looking like we will be homeless for a while. We offered the full asking price on a short sale and the bank came back with a counter offer $20,000 higher. Is that even legal???? Let me repeat that again: WE OFFERED FULL ASKING PRICE and the bank said NO, WE WANT $20,000 MORE. We countered back with a letter stating we offered FULL ASKING PRICE and were sticking to that amount. One of two things can happen at this point-1) the bank realized they were being dipsh*ts and agrees to take FULL ASKING PRICE on the house or 2) the bank decides to continue being dipsh*ts and says no, at which point we walk away and start looking all over again. Seriously, how is that legal? If you know please enlighten me because I am still flabbergasted four days later.
Lastly I leave you with my favorite pictures from my B-man visit. On my first day here I put a bandana on B-man. Note: he does not like clothes, bandanas, etc. He wore it all day while we played "red light green light" throughout the house. He is sitting with his new best buddy Gere Giraffe. They go everywhere together-as best buds should. I think his face says it all, "Are we done with pictures and bandanas...I want to snuggle with you.
Seriously. Can I take this off now?


Erin said...

awww B is cute as ever!!

The bank seems confused on how sales works... haha.

kimmie coco puff said...

Super cute puppy. Now i want another dog, thanks:)