Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How's my day you ask?

I had an interview on Wednesday before we left for the beach. THEY LOVED ME. The school had a great feel of all the things I love about my old school. The principal was away and they wanted me to come back in this morning for him to meet me. It went well but was awkward. Each time he went to ask a question they team would tell him, "she already answered that one" until he finally found two questions to ask. They said they would let me know within the next two days. I received an e-mail 2 hours later essentially saying thanks but no thanks and we passed your resume on to another principal who might like you but we won't tell you who or where it is. UGH.
There are fewer and fewer good positions available and either the schools are not interested in me at all or they call me in and decide I'm not what they are looking for. I need a change of environment at work, I'm just NOT excited about going back to my old school...add to the 50 MILE FUCKING HOUR DRIVE each way and you have one unexcited lady on your hands. I'm almost at the point of throwing up my hands and giving up.
Our meeting at the fertility center did not go so great today and it's looking more and more like we will be waiting at least an additional year to try and start a family. "Scared Shitless" does not even begin to describe how my wife is feeling and when I started running more of the numbers (without my raise and with my added driving costs, daycare, etc.) it's beginning to look more and more like a pipe dream. It was the one thing keeping me going and it's genuinely slipping away.
All I want is to do is go snuggle with my puppy but I can't. B-man is 550 miles away at my parents' house. He started to not do so well with the other dogs, no routine/schedule/space and when all of his toys were destroyed he began to show aggression. We sent him away about two weeks ago. He's doing really well up there but I miss him like crazy-especially on a day like today.
How's my day you ask? Fan Fucking Tastic.

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