Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Summer and I are done. D. O. N. E. Now, yes I realize that summer has only officially been here for three days, but already we are done. Reasons why summer and I are done-in no particular order this time:

1) I don't like to of course the air conditioning unit broke. $250 later the air is fixed and I am no longer sweating. Seriously not a good way to start the season....
2) B won't play outside or go for walks past the end of the street so I have one crazy pent up energetic dog on my hands. My solution has been to buy a laser pointer and wear his butt out chasing it around the living room. It works, it's funny, but he still has too much energy that I can't get rid of.
3) Me bored = useless shopping. I'm not working and when I 'm bored I spend money...yeah...I've bought a seat cover for my back seat, a new radio for my car (mine did break) and random things that I don't really need but need something to do during the day.
4) I've remembered that I don't do "alone" very well. My roommate is away visiting her family, her boyfriend's family, and travel for work all summer. Girlfriend is working everyday (like most people with normal jobs). Teacher friends are away traveling with their kids, and my non-teacher friends are in the same boat as Girlfriend. Needless to say, I've caught up on my reading, laundry, cleaning, and am out of stuff to do...suggestions welcome!!!

Right now I'm looking to July 4th weekend-Girlfriend has off on the 3rd and we are heading to Atlanta for a long weekend trip! After that I *might* be going to visit the family...always an adventure there...but ultimately I'd like to reiterate that summer and I are d.o.n.e.

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